What Happens in New York City?


It’s the question on everyone’s mind if they’ve never been to the city. What makes this place so special? What is really going on that people spend thousands of dollars a year to live in apartments the size of a shoe box? Is it really all that cool? What county is Clifton Park NY in? Wouldn’t I be better off just staying at home rather than having to pay for cabs everywhere I go? These are all great questions, but ones that are difficult to answer without the help of traveling to the actual city. So, what exactly happens in New York City?

In a Word: Everything

If you’re wondering what’s happening in New York, then that’s the short answer. There are just so many people here doing everything you can think of, and their enthusiasm and attitudes are truly infectious. Happy people, angry people, negative people, fun people, creative people: they’re all living here and they’re all making things happen. All the good and bad combined together to bring an incredible vibe of thrumming energy throughout the city. Collaborations are taking place right now for writing projects that will never make any money. People are seeing plays that will close tomorrow. Restaurants are being open and closed at a record pace, with hundreds of new chefs assuming their flavors are the next big thing.

In a Word: Traffic

One thing that should be noted about this place though, is that the crowds make for traffic on practically every available space. It can make for a trying time on the road. Defensive driving New York is truly necessary for everyone’s safety. The good news is that when you know this and schedule a defensive driving course, insurance companies know it too. You can save 10% off your auto insurance for the next 3 years when you take a class. That’s not just good for the distracted pedestrians on the road, it’s good for you too.

In a Word: Expansion

If you don’t know very much about the city, then you should know that the expansion is epic. For a long time, the only place to be was Manhattan: if you wanted to be with the cool kids, then this was the island that mattered. It had the best shops, the best events, and it offered the best chance of making your dreams come true. Brooklyn used to be somewhere to go if you couldn’t hack it in this very competitive spot. But now suddenly, Brooklyn could give Manhattan a major run for its money. The various parts of the city are coming alive with young people who are throwing all their effort and energy into making it a better place to be. And now…it looks like Queens is the next borough on the list to be brought back up to same level of cool. Who knows what’s next for the rest of the islands too?

In a Word: Fun

When you come to New York City, there’s really no way to get caught up in the excitement. While you may want to travel upstate if you like some peace and quiet, you don’t want to miss the Big Apple if you really want to let your hair down. There are just so many things to do, and so many things to see. Even a simple walk down the street will expose you to diverse kinds of people, several ways of living, and even different events. Stop to see street performers do their thing, or just watch as everyone goes about their day. Whatever you do, see exactly what it is that makes New York so special.

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