Useful Tips to Create a Travel Video with Movavi Video Editor

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Many people like to use their camcorders to record every interesting scene that they come across during their trip. However, most of the time, these video footage will just stay in the camera roll folder and not used at all. This is probably because you find flaws in them while playing back the videos and then you change your mind about using it. With Movavi Video Editor, you can now remove every scene that you don’t wish to show to your audience in the video. If you discover an erroneous part, you can move the red marker to precisely select the part in the timeline panel. When you move the red marker, the scene will also change in the preview screen.

You can add music to your travel video to enhance the story telling about your trip. Adding music can change the impression that your audience will have when watching your video. The right music can elevate the mood of the audience and encourage them to watch the movie to the end. You can add or delete any audio tracks in the timeline. The audio tracks can be imported via the Add Media Files function. If you want to discard the background sound in the video, you must select it in the timeline and press the Del key. You can loop a short audio clip by copying (Ctrl + C) and pasting it (Ctrl + V) up to the video length.

Movavi video editing software features a color adjustment tool that can be used for correcting the coloration in the video according to your needs. In the toolbar, you will find the Color Adjustments icon that features a circle with half white and half black and cialis daily. After clicking the Color Adjustments button, you must click the Manual Adjustments button. The saturation slider ensures a balance amount of gray in the video. Dragging the brightness slider can change the overall lighting in the video. The contrast slider can make changes to the tonal range in the video footage.

When you finish editing the video, you can press the play button to preview it. If you are satisfied with the preview, you can click the export button to export the video. The export dialog box offers  several options for saving the video file depending on the type of mobile device you are using. For example, if your mobile device is the Apple iPad, you should select the For Apple devices tab to save the video files.

Movavi Video Editor also support Android and other types of mobile devices. If you just want to save the video for watching on PC, you can select the Save as video tab to save the video file. If you want to upload the video online, you must select the For uploading online tab and select where you want to upload the video such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and MySpace. You can choose the level of quality you want to save the video such as good, high and highest.

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