Travelling Somewhere? Bring Merino Wool Clothing


Travellers have been investing in wool clothing for centuries now, and with good reason. It has also become the top choice for hunters, outdoorsmen, hikers, mountain climbers, and those that live in colder climates. Merino wool is very much unlike the sort of thick warm sweaters that you may be used to. Merino is spun much finer than and in fact, 50 threads of Merino wool are about a millimeter in size. While wool has traditionally been used in colder climates to insulate against the cold, insulation works both ways. For those that are in warmer climates, finely spun merino wool also insulates against the heat and in fact can keep you cooler in the summer, much like cotton.

Wool is More Hygienic than Synthetic Textiles

Unlike cotton, wool doesn’t absorb your sweat. The merino wool fibers contain a waxy coating that prevents moisture from being absorbed into a shirt, a pair of socks, or a pair of underwear. Furthermore, wool possesses the capacity to neutralize odors by preventing the bacteria that latch onto sweat, and smell from being absorbed into the fabric. For travelers, this is especially important because they may not always have the chance to find a laundromat or carry a great number of articles of clothing. So keeping things simple and light is of key importance when space is at a premium. Merino wool can go for weeks without being washed because if it does pick up and odor, it can simply be aired out.

Wool is Environmentally Friendly

For the environmentalists, merino wool, when harvested ethically is a sustainable and biodegradable material that can also take quite well to plant based dyes. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool can actually be composted and the dyes used to dye wool are non-toxic. Furthermore, it helps out the sheep because they aren’t being farmed for food, their excess hair is being used to make clothing.

Wool Regulates Temperature 

When most folks think of wool they think of cold weather, but the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai Peninsula have been wearing wool for centuries because it keeps them cool and retains the body’s optimal temperature. With advancements in spinning technology and with merino wool, the texture of the wool itself is smooth and cool to the touch, much like cotton. For folks that are reminded of the itchy sweaters their parent’s wore, merino wool woven so finely that it doesn’t itch at all.

Wool is Durable and Doesn’t Stain 

Wool is one of the most durable textiles that is used in the clothing industry, which is why it’s often used for rugs that take a ton of abuse the feet of pets and humans alike. On top of that, the waxy coating that lines the threads of merino wool prevents the absorption of anything that might stain it. The one drawback of wool is that it is more expensive, but when you consider how much longer it lasts than cotton or polyester clothing, it turns out to be worth the investment. If you’re looking for the perfect travelling gear then check out Unbound Merino wool clothing for quality travelling clothes. They have a line of merino wool clothes for both men and women designed especially for the traveler. Pack light, travel more!

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