Need A Map For Your Long Anticipated State Side Trip? Get Going With This Scratch Map


Are you packing your bags to go on your childhood dream of exploring the big wide land of USA? Are you excited like a little kid on the thought of taking rides in Disneyland Florida and finally seeing the Statue of Liberty with your own eyes? Everything is done and finalized but you are racked with this thought, what if you miss out on something? Who knows when or if ever you are going to get a chance like this ever again! Don’t stress it, get this scratch map from Luckies of London and be on your merry way to cross off your USA bucket list.

Scratch Off USA Map Landmarks Edition For A Trip Of A Lifetime: Traveling to a new place and not having a scratch map to display your adventures on is almost like a sin in the globetrotting community. For those of you lucky enough to get a chance to explore the beauty of USA or those who live in the country, be sure to make the most of it and explore everything with Scratch Map USA Landmarks Edition. Luckies of London knew that from natural wonders like the Yosemite National Park to manmade wonders like the land of Las Vegas, this country deserves it very own scratch map.

  • Colourful Scratch Map:Scratch Map USA Landmarks comes in the bright and colourful theme of vibrant green and blue. Blue is there to represent the ocean and makes up the underlay of the map with green coloured foil being the overlay.
  • Don’t Miss A Single State: Not only are all the 50 states marked on this scratch map but every state comes with its own major cities and monuments marked.
  • Got The Islands Covered: Even the smaller islands of Hawaii and such are given representation on this USA scratch map so that you don’t miss a single worth visiting place and regret it for the rest of your life.
  • Pretty Illustrations: Once you scratch off the green coloured foil to mark your travels, you will be delighted to find small cute and colourful illustrations of the major landmarks in all the states. The map contains information about the topography of the area.
  • Plan Made Easy: The USA can be a pretty confusing place to travel to as it is filled with highways and interstates. Make your journey smoother as this scratch map includes details about the major interstates.
  • Learn About The Important Monuments: The legend section of Scratch Map USA Landmarks includes significant landmarks from every state and provides interesting information about them. Amaze your friends with your grip on small trivia about these landmarks.
  • Own Gift Tube: If you know someone who is about to embark on a journey through the land of opportunity, make their trip worthwhile by gifting them this scratch map. Fun part, it comes with its very own sturdy gift tube so you don’t need to buy something to wrap it.


Summary: Don’t take any risk and see all the famous landmarks with the Scratch Map USA Landmark edition.

Author Bio:Anthony Paxton is a psychologist who gets to travel around the globe attending conferences

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