Getting the Most From a Cruise Through Alaska’s Inside Passage

Cruise Through Alaska’s

If you’re seeking a unique vacation experience that features abundant natural beauty and is a bit off the beaten path, you should think about taking a cruise through Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage. You’ll see enthralling marine life such as orcas, blue whales, dolphins, sea lions, and seals among some of the planet’s last pristine wilderness. Thousands of uninhabited islands make up the Alexander Archipelago that makes up the majority of the Inside Passage, but the region also includes several towns and small cities. Here’s what you can expect from each port city stop.


As Alaska’s southernmost city, Ketchikan enjoys a rich history that blends logging and commercial fishing with a little bit of bootlegging and old-school saloon shenanigans. Ketchikan is also the rainiest of the port cities, so bring along a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket as well as a sturdy pair of nonslip shoes. The Creek Street district in Ketchikan is a vibrant collection of high quality shops featuring authentic work produced by local artisans as well as several excellent cafes and coffee shops.


Sitka’s Russian heritage is obvious from the first glance at the city’s unique architecture. As one of the first outposts of the Russian fur trade back in the 17th century, Sitka also had the honor of being the first capital of Alaska after it became a U.S. territory. Sitka is the only city on the Alaskan panhandle that faces the open ocean, which means that it can experience some serious rain and wind storms.


Alaska’s capitol city and largest city on the panhandle is a number of charming tours to choose from. You can take a glacier tour involving dogsled rides and lunch on the glacier as well as a city walk tour which features an abundance of shops and cialis for daily use cost and eateries located close to the cruise ship docks. Juneau receives significantly less rain than Ketchikan, but weather conditions are nonetheless unpredictable in all parts of Southeast Alaska. You can also rent a car in Juneau and drive out to the Douglas Valley for beautiful views of unspoiled wilderness, but be sure to keep everything that you learned in traffic school in mind during this drive. Crowds are heavy during the summer season, and driving conditions can be hazardous. If you haven’t already done so, the month or so prior to your Alaskan vacation would be an excellent time to take an online course in defensive driving techniques.


Petersburg is a delightful fishing village colored by noticeable Norwegian accents. Homes in pastel hues line the hillside streets, and docks full of fishing boats reveal the community’s main industry in a beautiful way. This area is green and vibrant, but like other panhandle communities, it receives a lot of rain, so be sure to dress for whatever the weather may bring.


Skagway’s gold rush era origins are obvious the minute you walk off the ship. The entire main street has boardwalks, and one of the first things you’ll encounter is an old fashioned saloon of the kind that lined the streets back in 1898 when the area was full of gold seekers looking to strike it rich. Most of them left the region with nothing, but the saloon keepers sure prospered while it lasted.

Your trip to the Alaskan panhandle will surely become one of your life’s fondest memories. Be sure to take a good camera along with a strong sense of adventure.

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