5 Essential Pieces of Camping Gear


When you are preparing for a camping trip, you already know that you are going to need a tent, a sleeping bag and appropriate clothing. You may even already plan on bringing snacks and water for your trip. However, being fully prepared for your camping trip can keep you safe and secure. Consider adding these five items to your list of camping gear.

1. First Aid Kit

It is likely that you will suffer some scrapes at some point during your camping trip. If you do not treat these minor injuries, they could become infected and cause you to cut your camping trip short. Your first aid kit should include a pair of scissors, gauze, bandages and cleaning fluid at the very least. You can find prepacked kits or build your own that will suit your needs.

2. A Blade

Having a sharp cutting tool on you is extremely beneficial. You can use it to cut cord, open food packets or even use it to cut firewood. The blade should be carried on your person so that you have easy access to it when you need it.

Blades come in all shapes and sizes. The size of your blade depends on where you are going camping and how long you will be gone. If you do not plan to go far, you may only need a pocket knife. If you are spending weeks or months going camping, consider bringing along a larger cutting blade that is capable of cutting through stronger material, such as wood.

3. Rope or Paracord

No camper should ever leave home without a piece of rope or sturdy paracord. The paracord can be used to tie down your tent, hoist your food so that predators cannot get to it or even be useful in emergencies if you need to pull someone out of a ravine or up a steep slope. Paracord can be tied into a small package that is easy to carry when not in use. While rope is thicker and heavier, it may suit your needs depending on where you go camping.

4. A Survival Blanket

Survival blankets are made of a thin aluminium-type material that fold down into small packages. In cases of emergency, they can be used to keep you or your companion warm. If, for example, you suffer a severe injury such as a broken bone, you can use this blanket to help you regulate your body temperature and prevent shock.

Survival blankets also have several other uses. If something happens to your tent, you can use this blanket as an emergency shelter as the material is waterproof. The blanket will also keep you cool by reflecting the heat from the sun. This means that you can stay cooler if the temperatures rise. Finally, you can also use the blanket to signal for help due to its shiny material.

5. Signalling Devices

Although may go camping as a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you should always have a signalling device packed with your camping gear. While your phone can be a useful tool in some areas, you may find that you do not have coverage. In these cases, you will want a backup signalling device in the event you have an emergency.

There are several different types of signalling devices you can pack. A whistle can always be used to send a sharp signal out if you find yourself lost or in trouble. You can also scare animals away. A pocket mirror can also be used to signal if you need help. If you packed a survival blanket, use this to signal as it can easily be seen from the air.

When everything goes right, you can enjoy getting back in touch with the wilderness. If something goes wrong, however, being fully prepared with the right gear can save your life.

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