5 Best Diving Locations in Asia

If you love being in the water, diving is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities you can partake in. It gives you the opportunity to witness an incredibly diverse ecosystem in the safest of conditions, while allowing you to discover the hidden mysteries of the underwater world. With that in mind, here are some of the best diving spots in Asia:

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  1. Borneo, Malaysia

Few places in the world can compare to Borneo when it comes to the sheer richness of its underwater life. From the hammerheads located at the coral atoll of Layang Layang to the turtles and barracudas of Sipadan Island, there are plenty of beautiful things to be found in this area. Macro diving, which refers to the practice of focusing on smaller creatures that can only be photographed using macro lenses, is also very popular here, owing to the presence of various nudibranchs and frogfish.

  1. Shark Point, Thailand

The aptly-named Shark Point located off the coast of Phuket may seem small at first sight, but it has deservedly become known as one of the top diving destinations in Thailand due to its clear waters that offer incredible visibility. The local reef is comprised of both soft and hard corals, while the waters themselves are known for offering sightings of the mighty Leopold Shark. Shark Point is also a great place to view schools of fish and other sealife, including morays, snappers, cuttle fish and squids.

  1. Derawan Islands, Indonesia

Diversity is the name of the game in the Derawan Islands. Everything from big green turtles to sea horses and crocodile fish can be found in this archipelago. But probably the most undeniable attraction here is none other than the Stingless Jellyfish. Through evolution, this species of jellyfish has lost its natural defense mechanism, meaning that it can be explored up close without running the risk of being stung. Another notable sight comes courtesy of the Chelonia Mydas Turtle, which can be spotted on land hatching eggs every year.

  1. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Comprised of more than 800 individual islands, this archipelago is quite isolated from the rest of the world. Of course, this also makes it one of the few relatively untouched places on Earth, a veritable treasure trove of tunnels and drop-offs that diving explorers will fall in love with. Common types of sealife found here include manta rays, lionfish, shrimps and the Dogtooth Tuna.

  1. Quindao Lake, China

For a diving experience that doesn’t involve the ocean at all, head on down to this fantastic lake, located just a 3-hour drive away from the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Aside from spectacular views and a busy underwater life, the lake also houses Shicheng, a massive submerged city that was lost to water back in the 1950s. Formerly home to almost 300,000 people, the city was sacrificed in order to make way for a hydroelectric dam, while its citizens were relocated to other parts of the country.

This concludes our quick countdown of the best diving locations in Asia. As you can see, there are several spots where you can have a wonderful diving experience peppered throughout the continent. So start exploring and discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Asia’s deep waters.

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