10 Singapore Night Adventures

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While travelling to Singapore, you need to figure out night adventures as well as day adventures. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will be bored. As a tourist, you need to take advantage of your stay in Singapore and learn as many things as possible. Different people will prefer different tourist attractions. You need to figure out the best things you can do at night and enjoy your stay in Singapore.

10 Singapore Night Adventures

1. Night fishing/prawning

If you have traveled to Singapore with a large group of people, you can easily entertain all your friends at night after you decide to go for night fishing. The night fishing activity offers the best opportunity to bond with your friends. It is a great adventure; you will be seated with your fiends by the shore waiting for the fish to take a bite. You can even compete and find out who will catch more fish. There are several spots you can go for prawning. They include Punggol golf club, Anglers Paradise, Hai bin Jurong among other places.

2. Singapore Night Safari

In Singapore you can decide to go and enjoy yourself at the world first night zoo. The zoo opens from 7.30pm to 12am. It offers lots of activities for you to get rid of boredom in your Singapore night. You will have opportunity to enjoy hiking trails, tram rides, interactive shows among other activities to keep your night interesting. The night zoo is also very suitable for animal lovers who will love to visit the animals when it is cool at night.

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3. Night cycling

Cycling is among the best exercises you can engage to keep fit. Singaporeans know about it and that is why they have famous night cycling spots such as Punggol waterway and East Coast Park. You will be required to wear light colored clothing so that drivers can notice you while cycling.

4. Kite-flying

There are several famous places in Singapore where you can go and fly kite. Among popular spots where you can fly the kite include Marina Barrage. There are lots of spaces at Marina Barrage for you to fly your kite. Parking space is enough for you to park your car without any worry. Nights in Singapore are windy. This makes the night kite flying among the best activities you can enjoy at night.

5. Escapes rooms

Escape rooms are gaining popularity nowadays in Singapore. You can gather with your family members or friends with whom you have visited Singapore together and attend the escape rooms. They are among the best activities which you can do to build bonds between you.

6. Bull’s-eye

There are dart bars in Singapore where you can enjoy yourself with friends. The dart machines available in most joints in Singapore are electronic hence suitable for both beginners as well as experienced players. If you like playing darts, it will be a memorable experience for you.

7. Walk in the park

There are gardens by the bay where you can go strolling. The tranquil environment makes it a great pleasure for those who enjoy a great peace of mind. The park offers great opportunity to see different types of plants.

8. Late-night shopping

If you are too busy during the day, you can just go out for late night shopping. One of the most popular night shopping centers is Mustafa center, among other places.

9. Singapore Cable Car

The cable car is one of the adventures you can enjoy while in Singapore. You can experience the shuttle bus from Harbourfront Tower II to the top of Mount Faber. There are several restaurants at Mount Faber where you will settle down for dinner.

10. Merlion Park

Merlion Park offers an opportunity to learn about Asian civilization. It closes at 9pm. If you like to enjoy most of your night, you can start by visiting the park before you proceed to other adventures in the area. Visitors enjoy the scenic landscape in the park too.

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